Taking Part

We've listed here the key steps you will need to consider in order to put on a JOTA station. Great events don't just happen - they are always the result of careful planning .... start yours now!

 Meet with Scout Group or District

  • Decide how much of the weekend you will operate, especially the nights!
  • Who will be taking part? Scout Network, Explorers, Scouts, Cubs, Beavers? Will you invite the Guides too?

 Apply for Special Event Callsign
  • Apply to Ofcom using the SES application form. Contact details can be found on their WEB site, but you will need a stamp and envelope for this one, they cannot accept application on-line or over the phone! Allow 4 weeks for processing, so send in your application before 19th September, latest!
  • Check out last year's list of stations to make sure you are not applying for a callsign which is already in use (they remain valid for use by the same sponsor for a period of 2 years)
  • Once you have your special callsign confirmed get in touch with us providing details for inclusion in the station list - include a callsign for QSL cards, e-mail address and URL if you will have one for the JOTA/JOTI weekend

 Confirm operators & helpers
  • Make sure you have enough radio operators and activity co-ordinators, and check that the Scout leaders have made adequate arrangements to supervise the young people taking part
  • Ensure that all adult helpers have completed a Scout CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check, and that the Scouter in charge is satisfied with the response. Yes - this applies to all the adults, not just those in Uniform.

 Consult Leaders & Programme organisers
  • Ensure all Leaders and activity organisers know what they are expected to do, and especially what they are providing ..."But I though you were bringing the felt tip pens" ..
  • Make sure the Patrol Leaders and Sixers are involved in the planning too - after all, it's their event.

 Make publicity and display material
  • If this is the first time the Group is taking part in JOTA you will need to find time to explain what it's all about - better still, arrange a demonstration!
  • Think about posters, wall-boards, maps and displays. How will the young people know what is going on?
  • Have a look at our activities pages for ideas
  • Invite the parents to join in (if the Group agrees), and tell the local newspapers - they love ready-made stories

 Its JOTA time!
  • This is it! Put your plan into practice.
  • Have a good time
  • Remember whose event this is .... the young people's, of course!

 And finally ...
  • Thank everybody who made the event special!
  • Write your JOTA report, and send it to Scout HQ
  • Start planning for next year!