Activity Badges

Activity Badges

Scouts and Guides have the opportunity to gain badges for participating in a whole range of activities. Radio Scouting is no exception and there are a number of badges in each section which have a connection with Radio Scouting. The main ones are listed below - with direct links to the latest information on ScoutBase and GirlGuiding UK.

Beaver Scouts

Communicator Activity Badge –

  • Spell your name in Morse code, semaphore, the phonetic alphabet, or using pictures and symbols
  • Try to work out a simple message given to you in Morse code, semaphore, the phonetic alphabet, or using pictures and symbols

Beaver Communicator Badge

Cub Scouts

Communicator Activity Badge –

  • Pass a message to someone using amateur radio.
  • Take part in Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)
  • Write three simple messages using codes, ciphers or semaphore. Try to work out three similar messages given to you.
  • Tell a story about an experience you’ve shared with your leaders
  • and other Cubs. Make sure that you communicate clearly and that everyone is following the story.
Cub Communicator Badge


Communicator Activity Badge –

Option 1: radio communication

  • Log 25 different amateur radio stations. Note the date, time, call sign, frequency, readability and location.
  • Show how to tune a simple communications receiver.
  • Give an example of a typical greetings message.
  • Explain in simple terms how radio waves travel around the world. Learn the more commonly used HF and VHF amateur frequency bands.
  • Learn the phonetic alphabet and define at least eight international Q code signals.
  • Show that you can recognise call signs from the UK and near continent.
  • Visit an amateur radio station.
  • Learn the regulations governing the use of amateur radio equipment.
Scout Communicator Badge

Explorer Scouts

Explorers International Activity Badge - 

  • Take part in an international experience such as a Scout Jamboree, Home Hospitality or cultural exchange experience. Maintaining an international link, such as a pen pal, over a period of time counts too.
  • Help to organise and take part in a Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) or Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) event.

Explorers International Activity Badge