Mr Les Mitchell - G3BHK - Silent Key - Monday 6th October 2014


 Les was one of the Radio Scouters at the Jamboree in 1957 that gave birth to the idea of Jamboree On The Air. To many of us he is known as the father of JOTA

The World JOTA-JOTI team have issued the following statement  "In memory of Les , we call upon all stations for the upcoming JOTA-JOTI weekend to have 1 minute radio- and internet silence on 18 October at 12:00 UTC."
If you have any memories, photos, QSL cards of Les, could you forward me a copy and I'll put together a page.
On a personal note..

I worked at Baden-Powell House in Central London in the late 1970s early 1980s - Les and some other amateurs came to the House one weekend to put on a Special Event station (The purpose of which escapes me now, it may have been JOTA - it may have been a Conference or other event).  I spent an awful lot of my time listening to what was going on and very shortly afterwards purchased a Communications receiver.    It wasn't until I moved to Gilwell Park to work and met Bill, G2CKB that I finally went on to sit my RAE and become licensed.  So thanks Les for igniting the spark - like I guess you have for an awful lot of young people now.
Steve - G7BIM



Radio Scouting UK - Jamboree on the Air - 2014

Please register your Jamboree on the Air station for this year at this link: UK JOTA Registration


You can access lists of all registered UK JOTA stations from the link here.


The 2014 Letter from the UK JOTA Organiser is available to read here


and some ideas of extra activities are available here and here.
















 Greenock Scouts and Guides

Radio Club

A Special thanks to Bob Lynch (MM1AWV) for his JOTA report from the Scouts and Guides in Greenock, I love the photos Bob.  See the News Page for the full story.


Greenock & District Scouts & Guides ARC (MM0TSG) is hosting the centenary callsign for the RSGB.  GM100RSGB will be active on 15 th November from approx 9am til 10pm from local Scout HQ.


News Stories

Courtesy of GB2GPI really need some news stories - so should you of done something exciting over JOTA then can you please take a few minutes to write up a short news story and let me have it - thanks.

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